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Mornings & Afternoons 75/ Hr.

Evenings 95/ Hr.
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Next Phase Sound Studios is the ultimate choice for customers embarking on their next project. While it's true that anyone can acquire recording equipment with enough funds, what sets Next Phase Sound Studios apart is their unparalleled passion, backed by 45 years of recording and session expertise. The studio holds a deep-seated commitment to every single project they have the privilege of working on. Their unwavering goal is to consistently surpass expectations, going above and beyond for each endeavor.

What further distinguishes Next Phase Studios is the presence of a Grammy Nominated Producer, whose invaluable expertise elevates the recording process to new heights. With the capacity to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, the studio accommodates a wide range of musical styles and arrangements. Whether it's a solitary acoustic guitar or a magnificent full orchestra, Next Phase Sound Studios has the experience and proficiency to capture the essence of the music flawlessly.

ProTools ultimate 32 bit 192K recording 32 tracks simultaneously.


12 API 3124s, 4 SSL preamps, 4 focusrite red preamps, 8 true preamps one focus rite ISA 110 preamp, one Nieve preamp, one Chandler preamp, one GT VI pre-preamp, 2 summit tube compressors, 2 valve compressors 


3 Neuman, U87s, 1 Neumann, U67 ,2 Neumann 184s, 12 Sennheiser 421s, 12 Sennheiser 604s , 1 Royer 121 ribbon mic, 1 biodynamic M160 ribbon Mic , RCA ribbon Mic, 6 different bass drum mics, 2 EKG 414 mics, Sennheiser 441 Mic, Plus many more

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